Software copy protection, license management, user authentication, internet security and smartcard technology

Rockey Dongle Series

Driverless, CPU or smart card based security device, providing secured information storage, designed for software licensing, data encrypt...
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ePass USB Key Series

Smart card based two-factor authentication security device, designed for strong authentication, used for networking logon, access control...
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Authentication OTP Series

One-Time Password (OTP) is referred to as strong authentication because it significantly prevents unauthorized access of sensitive inform...
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Smart Card

We provide a wide range of smart card products including GSM SIM card, CDMA RUIM card, Java card, .NET card, PKI card, Creative card, pay...
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Smart Card Reader series

The smart card reader is an intermediate device between the smart card and the host computer. It communicates with the smartcard in accor...
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Fingerprint Time Attendance

Fingerprint time attendance and access control system is designed for medium to large size businesses..
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Fingerprint Lock

Unique fingerprint lock for every home and office..
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