OTP C200







OTP c200 token is a small key-chain like hardware authenticator which offers user real mobility and flexibility. By simply pressing the button, OTP c200 generates and displays a secure one-time password every 60 seconds (and optional 30 seconds), ensuring proper identification and allowing only authenticated user with authorized access to critical applications and sensitive data. OTP c200 complies with the IETF draft of time-based authentication methods, which was submitted by OATH to provide compatibility with third-party software.

OTP c200 token provides the most cost-effective two-factor authentication for enterprises to manage secure access to information in the global market.

Now, the big LCD screen OTP c200 is available, thus making the digits much easier to be read out from the screen. In addition, the added timer indicitor on the left screen shows the time interval left before the next OTP generation.

Product Features:


On-Board Security Algorithm OATH TOTP Time-based
Component Built-in Button
6-8 Character LCD Screen
Globally Unique Serial Number
Hardware Certification RoHS Compliant
Operating Temperature -10°C to 50°C
Storage Temperature -20°C to 70°C
Water Resistance Certificate IP68 (Ingress Protection)
Casing Hard Molded Plastic (ABS)
Tamper Evident
Secure Storage Medium Static Random Access Memory (RAM)
Battery Type Standard Lithium Battery
Battery Lifetime 3-5 Years
Available Customization* Casing Color
Customer Logo
Faceplate Branding
* All customizations are quantity based