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·L2000 is a fingerprint lock for home, office and hotels.
·It is the first lock in the world which combines password, fingerprint, voice prompt, mini USB, RS485 and TCP/IP connection.
·The zinc alloy casing and slide cover design shows its elegance and luxury.
· Users can open door by password, ID+fingerprint, fingerprint and double finger in accordance with different security level.
·Clear voice prompt comes along with all operations, which makes it very user friendly and convenient for identification, enrollment, deletion and parameter setting etc.
· Mini USB can be used for data transfer to pc in one door installation.
· RS485 or TCP/IP can be used for multiple door installation in hotels for central management from the reception desk.



·Professional and elegant design by famous designer. Elegant and luxurious. Fashionable slide design
·Strong zinc alloy front panel. Waterproof. Bi-direction-lock structure. ··Automatic selflock after door-close
·Unique double circuit design. Automatic fault detection. Emergency door-open mode available. Durable waterproof coated
·PCB circuit board. Fingerprint technology
·Clear customizable voice prompt along with all operations. Door-open, door-close, enrollment and deletion of fingerprint is extremely easy
·Identification method: FP, PW, ID+ FP, Double FP. No hidden risk of mechanical key. Safe and reliable
·System auto shut down for 3 minutes upon three times of wrong password in 1 minute
·USA Ti chip of low consumption. 4 AA batteries for one year (20 times door-open/day) (maximum 8 AA batteries available)
·Alarm sent when power is low. 500 door-open still available. External 9V battery for emergency use
·Mini USB interface or optional RS485 and TCP/IP for record collection to PC. Door-open records can be tracked in the software
·Can be set on the lock for free entry when needed during meetings etc.


Register Method

Fingerprint   Card   Password 

Item Description
Sensor Anviz optical sensor
Identification Method FP,ID+FP,Double finger,Emergency PW
Identification Time ≤1 second
Register Method Fingerprint enroll (twice)
Fingerprint Capacity 300FP,300PW(Each user can enroll 4 FPand 1 PW maximum)
Record Capacity 10000
FRR 0.001%
FAR 0.00001%
Standard Port Standard Mini USB,Optional RS485 or TCP/IP
Power DC6V (1.5V*4)
Temperature/Humidity -20℃-60℃/ 20%~ 80%
Casing Material strong zinc alloy
Size 72(w)*245(h)*66(d) mm
Color Matt champagne, Matt silver, Antique bronze