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One-Time Password (OTP) is referred to as strong authentication because it significantly prevents unauthorized access of sensitive information and restricted resources associated with both personal computer and enterprise network system. Comparing to traditional single-factor static password, the dynamic one-time passcode is required every time a user authenticates themselves, thus protecting against an intruder replaying an intercepted password, and providing a higher degree of security.

The ePass OTP Authentication System provides secure and easy to use solution for secure logon and authentication of users. With ePass OTP every business can improve login security significantly, at a very reasonable cost. OTP is easy to manage, and ZERO footprint with users ensures very low cost of ownership. 
OTP (One TimePassword) is ideal for:
•Secure network logon
•Application authentication
•User authentication for online finacial services and e-business applications
•VPN authentication
•Remote Access Server (RAS) authentication
•Authenication to online services
•Secure Physical access
•Portable, secure user authentication from any computer
•Enhanced business with secure connectivity to networks, application, and web sevices
•Centralized management of the entire OTP solution with a single management system
•Zero footprint authentication
•Easy back-end configuration
•Long lifetime
•Very attractive prices
•OATH Algorithm - RADIUS - Network Login for MS Windows 2000, 2003, XP and Vista
                                                      OTP Tokens

OTP C100

OTP C100

Lowest cost OATH compliant event-based OTP token
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OTP C200

Best choice OATH compliant time-based OTP token
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OTP C300

OATH compliant OCRA challenge-response OTP token
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OTP C400

High performance PKI & OTP combo USB token
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OTP C500

OTP C500

CAP ready OTP token for Master Card's chip authentication program
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