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OTP C500










OTP C500 is a compact, completely standalone, low-cost, handheld smart card reader that contains a numeric keypad and a large LCD display. It manages not only One-Time password but Challenge - Response and Transaction Data Signing. Certified with stringent international standards as MasterCard Card Authentication Program (CAP) and Europay Mastercard Visa (EMV), you may use OTP C500 in various payment and bank applications with secure assurance.

OTP C500 Smartcard Reader contributes in a compact and enhanced way to be used in both online and offline mode, taking full advantage of EMV-CAP validation and Challenge-Response process.

By leveraging Two-factor authentication, the cardholder inserts the EMV payment card in the OTP C500 and enters the Personal Identification Number (PIN) via the keyboard, thus making all transaction data invulnerable to attack. After that, a dynamic One-Time-Password is generated and showed on the OTP C500 LCD. Cardholder can then use this password to identify himself at and to sign online transactions with the EMV-compliant certification.

Product Features:

  • Compliant with industry standards-MasterCard CAP for any EMV payment card
  • Easy and straightforward installation with device Plug and Play
  • Secure PIN protection with built-in Keypad
  • Compact design and user friendly interface
  • Replaceable batteries extend the reader service life cycle




Online-Mode Transaction
Standard Compliant Mastercard CAP(Chip authenticatiom Program)
Emv level 2
Offline-Mode OTP Application
On-Board Security Algorithm OATH Challengeresponse Algorithm(Ocra)
Authentication Standard Radius
Hardware Components
Component Built-in Keypad(16 Keys)
High Contrast LCK Screen
Globally Unique Serial Number
Hardware Certification RoHS Compliant
Operating Temperature 0C to 50C
Storage Temperature -20C to 70C
Water Resistance Certificate IP54 (Ingress Protection)
Casing Hard molded plastic (PC)
Tamper evident
Battery Lifecycle User Replaceable Batteries
Customization Available Casing color
Company logo
Faceplate branding