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OTP Server

FOAS - FEITIAN OTP Authentication System: The initiative for Open Authentication (OATH) is the top OTP solution architecture standard constitutor in the world, who collaborates with top authentication system providers aimed at providing universal strong authentication across all users and all devices over all networks. 

Proudly being the professional information security provider listed as the contributing partner of OATH, Feitian Technologies has introduced the FEITIAN OTP Authentication System (FOAS) solution to enterprises. By integrating OTP authentication solutions with the application system, business can gain the advantage of introducing two-factor authentication for users, thus maintain a higher level of security than using simple and unsafe static passwords.

The FEITIAN OTP server Authentication System (FOAS), as a mature OTP solution, works with plenty well-known authentication systems under the most popular platforms, which is well equipped with a full range of FEITIAN OTP tokens.

All being OATH compliant, FEITIAN OTP tokens cover the whole group of One-Time Password generation mechanisms from event-synchronous, time-synchronous, and challenge-response to the EMV CAP-based reader featuring One-Time-Password authentication for users and online transaction.

Downloads for OTP Server

OTP Live CD (250MB)    FeitianOTPLiveCDv3.0.iso  

OTP Live CD Demo Video (37MB)        OTPv3/   

OTP Linux installation and configuration Video (181MB)    

OTP Windows installation and configuration Video (112MB)