Software copy protection, license management, user authentication, internet security and smartcard technology

Rockey 4ND







ROCKEY4ND is an advanced software protection system that attaches to the USB port of a computer. It is in fact a powerful miniature computer, with a CPU, memory and specialized firmware that allows for robust interaction with the application. Although the software may be duplicated, but it will only run when ROCKEY4ND dongle is attached. The application will interact with ROCKEY4ND at start-up and during runtime. No Dongle means No License to execute the software.

The ROCKEY4ND access security is controlled by a two levels 64bits password set. The passwords cannot be modified. The universal unique Hardware ID and developer definable User ID allow developer to restrict the software license to particular dongle and customer. One ROCKEY4ND can control 64 different applications. User defined algorithms can be executed in runtime to achieve challenge-response authentication. From ready to use enveloper tool to programming APIs, ROCKEY4ND can support both very simplistic but effective protection methods, and much more complex schemes to achieve very high level of security.

NetROCKEY4ND is the network version of the ROCKEY4ND. It not only supports TCP/IP, IPX and NETBIOS protocols, but also provides a server-based network service program. Developers only need to write programs for client end. Multiple servers, PCs and users are supported. Every module of NetROCKEY4ND can support up to 65534 clients at the same time while the service program remains protected from modification and immune to viruses.

Product Features:

  • USB Non-driver Device under Windows, Linux and MAC (LPT model also available)
  • Easy to Use Enveloper Solutions to Protect Windows PE (.exe, .dll), Flash Media, .NET and Linux Applications
  • Universal Unique Hardware ID. Developer Definable User ID
  • 64 Modules to Control 64 Different Applications
  • 128 Algorithms to Achieve Challenge-Response Authentication
  • Remote Update Solution Saves the Cost in Maintenance Role
  • Samples available for BCB, Delphi, FoxPro, PowerBuilder, Python, Visual Basic, VBA, Visual C++, C# etc.