Software copy protection, license management, user authentication, internet security and smartcard technology








The Internet has become a necessary part of doing business. But with the growth of the Internet have come threats to businesses from hackers, network snooping devices, viruses and other sources that are now part-and-parcel of the public Internet - these threats have become a cost of doing business. The PKI model was developed to enable secure transactions and communications over the Internet, primarily through providing services for authentication, identification and encryption of sensitive information. ePass2000 is a cost effective and important enhancement to the PKI model, it is the ideal solution for PKI applications.

ePass2000 is a USB token, compact and portable. ePass2000 was designed to offer authentication, verification and information encryption services, and support E-mail Encryption, Digital Signing and SSL using Internet Explorer, Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape Communicator or any software product based on the MS CAPI or PKCS#11 standards. In addition, ePass2000 is remarkably versatile and Feitian's SDK may be used to create many other user defined applications.

ePass2000 supports Windows 98/2000/ME/XP/2003/Vista, MAC OS 8/9 and Linux. The built in smart card supports powerful encryption algorithms.


  • high performance smart card chip
    • onboard DES 3-DES SHA-1 RSA
    • onboard 1024-bit RSA key pair generation
    • onboard digital signature, private key never exports
    • onboard random number generator (RNG)
    • global unique 64-bit hardware id
    • up to 32K bytes secure memory
    • standard USB 1.1/2.0 interfaced
  • driverless or plug-and-play devices availale
    • PKI enabled chip operating system (FT-COS)
    • CPS / PKCS#11 ready
    • support multiple key storage
    • X.509 v3 standard certificate format
    • works streamless with standard PKI applications
  • full OS solutions for Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP/Vista Windows Server 2003/Server2008 Linux and MacOS ( OS compatibility varys with individual models)

Product Features:

  • Single chip design
  • 64-bit unique hardware serial number
  • Hardware protected by PIN code
  • Hardware random number generator
  • 3-level file access and management privileges
  • 2-level directory structure
  • Full support for PKI applications, CSP and PKCS#11 interfaces available
  • Standard security middleware interfaces (CSP and PKCS#11) available
  • Middleware support for 512/1024-bit RSA algorithm
  • Support for RSA, DES, 3DES, SHA-1 and MD5 algorithms
  • Support for X.509 v3 standard certificate format
  • Seamless integration with Internet Explorer
  • Can be accessed via ActiveX Control or Java Applet
  • Support for Microsoft CAPI applications
  • Programably controlled LED
  • Compliant with CE and FCC standards
  • Standard USB 1.1 device, support for USB 2.0 interface
  • Support for Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP/Server 2003


Model Memory Features Middleware
ePass2000_FT11 32K Driverless for Windows98SE and Later Versions ePassNG Multi-platform Middleware for MS CSP & PKCS#11 v2.11
ePass2000_FT12 Standard PC/SC Driver Ready for Windows Smart Card Logon Windows vista Certified  
ePass2001 32K Driverless for windows98SE and Later versions EneterSafe Shuttle High Speed Middleware for MS CSP & PKCS#11 v2.2
ePass2000 Auto Driverless with Auto Run,Plug and Play for Windows 2000 and Later Versions
ePass2000 Auto 24K EneterSafe Shuttle Mini High Speed Middleware for MS CSP
ePass2000MD 32K Standard PC/SC Driver Ready for Windows Smart Card Logon Windows Vista Certified MS CSM Minidriver Interfaced,Ready for Smart Card Based CSP,Support CNG,CLM and Vista EFS.