Software copy protection, license management, user authentication, internet security and smartcard technology














The LCD display can be used to display the target account and the amount of the transaction. Or, a built-in speaker can be used to notify the user of the transaction information by voice means. The user will then be able to confirm the information.

If correct, the user can press a button on the USB key to finalize the transaction signature process. InterPass prevents possible unauthorized transactions in that the full control of the user computer is taken by the hacker


  • audio or display features with confirmation button
    • read or display transaction details
    • no action until user confirm the transaction by pressing button
    • audio or display information customizing-able
  • high performance smart card chip
    • 8-bit / 32-bit smart card platform
    • onboard DES 3-DES SHA-1 RSA
    • onboard 1024-bit/2048-bit RSA key pair generation
    • onboard digital signature, private key never exports
    • onboard random number generator (RNG)
    • global unique 64-bit hardware id
    • up to 64K bytes secure memory
  • standard USB 1.1/2.0 interfaced
  • driverless or plug-and-play devices availale
  • PKI enabled chip operating system (FT-COS)
    • CPS / PKCS#11 ready
    • support multiple key storage
    • X.509 v3 standard certificate format
    • works streamless with standard PKI applications
  • full OS solutions for Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP/Vista Windows Server 2003/Server2008 Linux and MacOS ( OS compatibility varys with individual models)



Model Memory Features Middleware
InterPass3000 View 64K with LCD Display to Show Transaction Details for User Confirmation EnterSafe Shuttle High Speed Middleware For MS CSP & PKCS#11 v2.2 Transaction Details for Show or Display Cand Be Customized per Request
InterPass3000 Voice With Audio Chip and Speaker to Play Transaction Details for User Confirmation
InterPass3000 Duo with LCD Display and Audion Chip/Speaker to Show or Play Transaction Details for User Confirmation
InterPass2000 View 32K with LCD Display to Show Transaction Details for User Confirmation