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StorePass comprises Flash disk and USB key. It is a combination product of U-Disk and USB Key.

The software (including driver and middleware i.e. CSP and PKCS#11) is stored in the hidden partition of the U-Disk. The hidden partition is read-only and it is protected against user's misusage and virus.

The U-Disk supports autorun function. After plug-in, the software required by USB KEY can be installed and started automatically. It is no need for user to use CD or download the software. This can greatly reduce the maintenance cost and bring convenience to end-users. After properly configured, the preset web page can be opened automatically after the device is plugged in.

The U-disk can be used for data storage device. Multiple capacities are available, including 2G to 8GB. (Note: since a part of the disk space is reserved for hidden partition, the actual space of the U-disk might be less than announced)

The U-disk is USB 2.0 high speed device. The writing speed is faster than 16MB/s, the reading speed is faster than 17MB/s. (Note: the host machine or connected USB HUB must support USB 2.0 high speed interface)





  • USB Flash Plug and Play ( 2G to 8G)
  • Auto Run Installation from USB Flash
  • virtual CD-ROM supported and virus free
  • high performance smart card chip
    • onboard DES 3-DES SHA-1 RSA
    • onboard 1024-bit RSA key pair generation
    • onboard digital signature, private key never exports
    • onboard random number generator (RNG)
    • global unique 64-bit hardware id
    • up to 32K bytes secure memory
    • high speed USB 2.0 interfaced
  • driverless or plug-and-play devices availale
  • PKI enabled chip operating system (FT-COS)
    • PKCS #11 library and CSP ready
    • support standard cryptographic APIs of MS CaPI and PKCS #11
    • multiple key and certificate storage
    • secure storage of X.509 v3 digital certificates
    • works streamless with standard PKI systems
  • full OS solutions for Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP/Vista Windows Server 2003/Server2008 Linux and MacOS ( OS compatibility varys with individual models)


    Product Features:

    • Plug & Play, USB driverless device.
      • USB Driverless device
      • Automatically install middleware and manager tool
      • Automatically prompt banking login page
    • 32KB secure memory space and 2GB to 8GB U-disk
      • 32KB secure memory to store sensitive data such as digital certificate
      • 128MB to 2GB U-disk
    • High-performance smart card chip
      • Card Operating System with proprietary IP - FEITIAN COS
      • Onboard RSA 1024 key generation.
      • Support RSA, DES, 3DES and SHA-1 algorithm
      • 64bits universal unique hardware serial number
      • Hardware implemented random number generator
    • Fully support PKI application. Support CSP and PKCS#11 API
      • Provide standard middleware API (CSP and PKCS#11)
      • Support storing multiple keys
      • Hardware implemented digital signature
      • Support X.509v3 format certificate
      • Seamlessly integration with PKI applications, such as Internet Explorer, Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape, Mozilla, Firefox etc.
    • Compliant with CE and FCC standards
    • Support multiple operating systems: Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP/2003/Vista etc.



Model Memory Features Middleware

32K Secure Memory

2GB to 8GB USB Flash




Driverless for Windows98SE and Later Versions ePassNG Multi-Platform Middleware form MS CSP & PKCS#11 v2.11
StorePass2000_FT12 Standard PC/SC Driver Ready for Windows Smart Card Logon Windows Vista Certified
StorePass2001 1Driverless for Windows98SE and Later versions EnterSafe Shuttle High Speed Middleware for MS CSP &PKCS#11 v2.2
StorePass2000MD Standard PC/SC Driver Ready for Windows Smart Card Logon Windwos Vista Certified MS SCM Minidriver interfaced,Ready for Smart Card Based CSP,Support CNG,CLM and Vista EFS